Standards of Academic Progress

When a Title IV federal financial aid recipient is academically suspended, whether the student serves the suspension or is readmitted upon an academic appeal, the student is not eligible to receive federal financial aid. These students will not be eligible again to receive federal financial aid until they earn the cumulative GPA required for the number of credit hours attempted (see chart below).

Semester Credit Hours Attempted Semester Credit Hours Attempted
12-21      1.50
22-32    1.75
33 or more 2.00

Quantitative Requirement (Timeframe for Completion) – Eligible students may receive federal financial aid for a period of time not to exceed 1.5 times the normal length of his/her program of study. All credits transferred into the college will be counted toward the maximum number of hours attempted. Each student on federal financial aid must earn two-thirds (67%) of all the hours he/she attempts in order to complete a program in the normal length of time allowed.

Academic progress will be assessed at the time a student applies for financial aid, and reviewed each academic year after the spring semester.  The student is ineligible when the Qualitative Requirement (Cumulative GPA) and/or the Quantitative Requirement (Timeframe for Completion) have not been met.  Financial Aid will be reinstated when the student attends college at his/her own expense and meets the minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress or if the Financial Aid Appeal Committee reinstates eligibility.

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