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Pell Grant Refund Process

For students who are registered and attending class, the Business Office will disburse the remaining balance of their Pell Grant award on the fourteenth day of class.  A check may be issued or a direct deposit made into their selected banking institution if they have chosen this option.  If they have not selected the direct deposit option, times and locations for check disbursements will be posted.  Students must show a valid photo ID to obtain their check.  Checks that are not picked up after 21 days will be mailed to the student address on file with Admissions.  Disbursements will continue to be made every other week for students who establish Pell Grant eligibility after the beginning of the semester.

Student’s enrollment level for financial aid purposes is the same as their enrollment level with the admissions office.  The enrollment level is based on the number of credits they are enrolled in each term. Students are paid based on their enrollment level as of the Pell Recalculation Date.  Any adjustments to the students schedule after that date will not change the Pell Award, with the exception of full withdrawals.

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