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Student ADA Accommodations

All students who take the College placement exam are invited to request information for students with disabilities on their test answer sheets. Students who request information are given the name of the campus Disability Services coordinator, an ADA Fact Sheet and Accommodations Request Form. Students who contact their Disability Services coordinator and submit the request form will begin the ADA accommodations process.

Campus 504/ADA Student Coordinators are:

Fayette/PCEC Campus
Abby Parker
800-648-3271 (Ext. 5102)

Hamilton Campus
Abby Parker
800-648-3271 (Ext. 5102)

Jasper Campus
Sara Murray
800-648-3271 (Ext. 5901)

Sumiton Campus
Sara Murray
800-648-3271 (Ext. 5901)

Beth Roberts
800-648-3271 (Ext. 5770)

The student and the Disability Services coordinator work together to determine the student's campus-related accommodation needs. A good faith effort is made to provide appropriate accommodations and to fully comply with both the letter and the spirit of Section 504 and ADA guidelines.

Accommodations Request Form

An Accommodations Request Form must be completed, identifying accommodations requested and other pertinent information. Printed forms are available from the Disability Services coordinator, the Placement Test Center, the Office of Student Services, in the Orientation Workbook. Accommodations will not be considered until the student has submitted the ADA Accommodations Request Form and any required documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator. If accommodations are granted they begin on or after the date of approval. Under no circumstances will accommodations be granted retroactively.

Disability Release Forms

If documentation is required, information release forms are available from the Disability Services coordinator to assist the student in obtaining official documentation of disability from physicians or other agencies.

Accommodation Approval

Once a student meets with the Disability Services coordinator to request classroom accommodations and provides any needed documentation of disability, the coordinator sends a Documentation of Disability Form to each of the student's instructors to inform them of the accommodations to be met in the classroom. Non-classroom accommodation requests are forwarded by the Disability Services coordinator to the appropriate College official for implementation.

Student Responsibilities

The student then meets with each instructor to request and to discuss the implementation of each authorized accommodation. Instructors will not initiate accommodations without the student's consent.

The student must meet with the 504/ADA coordinator at the beginning of each academic term for which classroom accommodations are requested so that the instructors for each term can be notified of the accommodations.

Privacy Policy

Completed Accommodation Request Forms and any documentation of disability are confidential and are stored in a locked file separate from the student's permanent student record.