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Bevill State Student Honors 2021

Fayette | Hamilton | Jasper | Sumiton |

Congratulations to the students listed below on being selected as Honors Awards recipients for the 2020-2021 academic year at Bevill State Community College -Fayette Campus, Hamilton Campus, Jasper Campus, and Sumiton Campus. The honor of receiving these awards reflects the hard work and dedication they have exhibited. This is an outstanding distinction and Bevill State would like you to know that we share their pride in this notable accomplishment.

These students have distinguished themselves as students who pursue excellence and go far beyond expectations. We know that these traits will carry over and serve them well in future pursuits.

Again, Bevill State commends you for this achievement.

Fayette Campus - Spring 2021 Honors

Alana Ballard - Ambassador (Service)
Alana Ballard - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
C'era Beck - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Noah Buettner - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Sarah Cain - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Meagan Carrell - Ambassador - Vice President (Leadership)
Alyssa Chandler - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
McKenna    Clark - All USA Workforce Nominee (Academic)
Gracie Dodd - Ambassador (Service)
Gracie Dodd - Pre-Professional Sciences (Academic)
Gracie Dodd - Bevill Scholars    (Academic)
Zach Durham - Sophomore Mathematics (Academic)
Zachary Durham - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jeremy Elmore - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Charles Files - Ambassador (Service)
Dalton Files - Computer Science (Academic)
Charles Files - All USA Workforce Nominee (Academic)
Charles Files - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Charles Files - All Alabama Academic Team (Academic)
Hunter Foster - Ambassador (Service)
Mason Fowler - World Literature (Academic)
Kristen Hall - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Dawson Haney - Student Support Services (Service)
Katilyn Hardin - Associate Degree Nursing (Academic)
Katilyn Hardin - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Ian Harper - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Alyssa (Ally) Hartman - Biology (Academic)
Malinda Hindman - Ambassador-President (Service)
Lindy Hindman - Phi Theta Kappa - Vice-President of Service (Leadership)
Malinda Hindman - All USA Transfer Nominee (Academic)
Malinda Hindman - Bevill Scholars    (Academic)
Blake Hollis - Bevill Scholars    (Academic)
Brandon Hollis - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Nick    Holmes - Ambassador (Service)
Jacob Homan - United States History (Academic)
John Isabell - Bevill Scholars    (Academic)
Cameron    Knight - Art Appreciation    (Academic)
Carley Lamb - Phi Theta Kappa - President (Leadership)
Carley Lamb - All USA Transfer Nominee (Academic)
Carley Lamb - Bevill Scholars    (Academic)
Carley Lamb - All Alabama Academic Team (Academic)
Hunter Latham - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Harley Lawrence - Ambassador (Service)
Harley Lawrence - Phi Theta Kappa - Vice-President of Fellowship (Leadership)
Harley Lawrence - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jodi    Mayfield - Human Anatomy & Physiology (Academic)
Jodi    Mayfield - Student Nurses Association-President    (Leadership)
Spencer McAdams - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Malcolm Mcauley - Student Nurses Association (Service)
Mason McCord - Campus Ministries (Service)
Deonna Miller - Ambassador    (Service)
Deonna Miller - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Deonna Miller - English Literature (Academic)
Chelsie Montgomery - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Lindsie Moseley - Freshman Mathematics (Academic)
Lindsie Moseley - English Composition (Academic)
Lindsie JoMoseley - Ambassador (Service)
Ny'Kenzie Nalls - Ambassador - Secretary (Leadership)
Linda Newell - Microbiology (Academic)
Parker Nichols - Electrical (Academic)
Gavin Norris - Western Civilization (Academic)
Maudie "Maria" Patterson - Child Development (Academic)
Ryan Poole - Welding (Academic)
Malak Sider - Chemistry (Academic)
Angela Simpson -Business (Academic)
Angela Simpson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Summer Stamps - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Mikayla Sutton - Student Nurses Association - PCEC Representative    (Leadership)
Bethany Vintson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Morgan Wheat -Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Grant Williams - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Kristen Wilson - Accounting (Academic)

Hamilton Campus - Spring 2021 Honors

Peyton Akers - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
William Aldridge - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Donaldson Alyssa - Nursing (Academic)
Jaclyn Bishop - All USA Transfer Nominee (Academic)
Jaclyn Bishop - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Sheena Bourland - Career Technical Student of the Year (Academic)
Sheena Bourland  - Salon and Spa Management    (Academic)
Sheena Bourland - Bevill Scholar    (Academic)
Esmeralda Callejas - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Esmeralda Callejas - Social Science (Academic)
Kenzley Carnathan - Student Nursing Association    (Leadership)
Anna Chandler - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
John Ellis - Pre-Professional Science (Academic)
John Ellis - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
McKenna    Evans - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
John Paul Forester - Machine Tool Technology (Academic)
Austin Galloway - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Natanya Gardner - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Steven Howard - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Terry Howell - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Christopher Hunt - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Terry Johnson - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Nathan Kemble - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Christy Langley - Child Development (Academic)
Eric Lofton - Electrical Systems Technology (Academic)
Eric Lofton - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Shelia Martin - Advanced Engineering Design Technology (Academic)
Shelia Martin - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Chaston McCarley - General Education Student of the Year (Academic)
Chaston McCarley - Business (Academic)
Chaston McCarley - All USA Transfer Nominee (Academic)
Chaston Mccarley - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Victoria McKay - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Christopher Nichols - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Luke Nieman - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Floyd Nix - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Tyler Owen - Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Academic)
Tyler Owen - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Chandler    Peoples - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Isaiah Pohle - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Isaiah William Pohle - Computer Science (Academic)
Anthony Sanchez - Chemistry (Academic)
Anthony    Sanchez - Mathematics (Academic)
Cecely Sanderson - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Morgan Smith - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Skyler Smith - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Alexandra Taylor - English (Academic)
Alexandra Taylor - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Justin Webb - Ambassador (Leadership)
Justin Webb - Bevill Scholar (Academic)

Jasper Campus - Spring 2021 Honors

Coulson Aaron -  Ambassador (Service)
Tabatha Akins - Child Development (Academic) 
Hannah Alsup - All USA Transfer Nominee (Academic) 
Hannah Alsup - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Hannah Alsup - Ambassador     (Leadership)
Kilpatrick    Anna - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Caleb Benson - Machine Tool Technology (Academic) 
Fernandus "Martez" Brown - Student Support Services (Leadership)
Sarah Cain - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Cole    Burgett - Ambassador (Leadership)
Zachary Clayton - Wedling Technology (Academic) 
Samuel Cooper - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Lacy Fayet - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Kaitlyn Fialko - Student Nursing Association (Leadership)
Cody Gilbert - Student Government Association (Service)
Brandon Gilmore - Student Nursing Association (Service)
Sanders Halle - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Mackenzie Hamilton - English    (Academic) 
Mackenzie Hamilton - Sigma Kappa Delta (Leadership)
Mackenzie Hamilton - Student Support Services (Leadership)
John David Harrell - History (Academic) 
Ratliff Karlie - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Sargent Kayla - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Nick    Keeton - Ambassador (Service)
Brandon Langston - Performing Arts (Leadership)
Lindsay Lowe- Nursing (Academic) 
Isaac Mays - Ambassador (Leadership)
Renee McIntosh - Student Nursing Association (Service)
Araceli Ramirez - Ambassador (Service)
Nicholas Rizzo - Psychology (Academic) 
Kayla Sargent - Engineering     (Academic) 
Kayla Sargent - Mathematics     (Academic) 
Kayla Sargent - Physics     (Academic) 
Brylee Smith - Student Government Association (Service)
Bailey Thompson - Ambassador (Leadership)
Sarah Trotter - Bevill Scholar     (Academic) 
Sarah Trotter - Biology (Academic) 
Isabella Willingham - Computer Science (Academic) 
Isabella Willingham - Speech     (Academic) 
Isabella Willingham - Bevill Scholar (Academic) 
Isabella Willingham - Ambassador     (Service)
Stephanie Wingo -     Student Nursing Association (Service)

Sumiton Campus - Spring 2021 Honors

Gracie Aaron - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Joseph Aaron - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Jadah Adams -  Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Brittney Adkins - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Madison Albritton - Salon Management    (Academic)
Olivia Aultman - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Winter Bolen -  Student Nurses Association (Service)
Joshua Brown - Diesel Mechanics (Academic)
Sydney Chandler - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Thomas Cranford -     Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Clark Donavon - Air Conditioning (Academic)
Jasmine Dutton - Student Nurses Association (Service)
Madison Fayet - Office Management (Academic)
Emma Fincher - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Kaley Freeman - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Skyla Garner - Bevill Scholar    (Academic)
Hadley Gay - Student Nurses Association (Leadership)
London Gray - Ambassadors (Leadership)
London Gray - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Kelly Green - Ambassadors (Leadership)
Nicholas Guthrie - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Bethany Harper - Speech(Academic)
Karah Haynes - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Chelsey Henderson - Ambassadors (Leadership)
Kayla Herron - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Marcus Howard - Automotive (Academic)
Marcus Howard - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Jacob Humber -Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Anne Elizabeth Ingle - Child Development (Academic)
Helen Jepkorir - Nursing    (Academic)
Donald Johnson - Electrical (Academic)
Donald Johnson - All-USA Workforce Nominee (Academic)
Donald Johnson - Bevill Scholar    (Academic)
Donald Johnson - Outstanding Career Technical Student (Academic)
Steven Johnson - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Reiley Jones - Ambassadors (Leadership)
Blakely Julian - Ambassadors    (Leadership)
William Key - Bevill Scholar(Academic)
Mackenzie Kirby - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Jakob Kitchens - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Devin Lowe - FAAB (Leadership)
Dustin Mcdonald - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Gracie Moon - Ambassadors    (Service)
Bailey Noles -     Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Grace Northcutt - Surgical Tech (Academic)
Colton Odom - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Logan Olvey -     Ambassadors (Service)
Aneil Panjwani -  Bevill Scholar    (Academic)
Jack    Pate - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Austin Patton - Diesel Mechanics (Academic)
Riley Phillips - All-USA Transfer Nominee (Academic)
Riley Phillips - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Nicholas Rizzo - FAAB(Service)
Nicholas Rizzo - Outstanding General Education Student (Academic)
Nicholas Rizzo - Religion (Academic)
Nicholas Rizzo - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Dylan Roberts - Ambassadors (Service)
Presley Robinson -     Bevill Scholar    (Academic)
Shelby Sanford - Ambassadors (Leadership)
Wyatt Seagle - Ambassadors    (Service)
Shelby Shinn - Management & Entrepreneurship (Academic)
Shelby Shinn - Bevill Scholar    (Academic)
Samantha Staffan - Ambassadors    (Service)
Carley Stearns - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Nicholas Tanner - Bevill Scholar(Academic)
Hannah Wade - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
McKenzie Wade - English (Academic)
McKenzie Wade - History (Academic)
McKenzie Wade - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Robert Willis - Computer Science(Academic)
Anna Wilson -  Ambassadors    (Service)