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Academic Advisement

The focus of academic advisement is to assist the student in progressing toward his/her goal and to facilitate the successful and timely completion of program requirements leading to the student's desired outcome (i.e., Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, or Certificate). Academic advisors also facilitate the student's transfer to his/her selected senior institution. Academic transfer students are strongly encouraged to obtain STARS program guides available online at

Advisor Assignment

Each student is assigned an academic advisor by the Testing Center/Student Services staff at the time of placement testing or at the time of application for admission, if placement testing is not required. Entering students are required to meet with their assigned academic advisors prior to registering for classes for the desired term of enrollment.

Student Advising Requirements Each Term

Students are required to meet with their assigned academic advisors each term prior to registering for classes for the upcoming term. However, students are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisors, by appointment, as needed throughout each term. In addtion to scheduling one-on-one appointments with your advisor, the college also offers open registration and advising times for students to come on campus and receive advising assistance.

Students must schedule appointments and meet with their assigned academic advisors during the Registration period. During the advisement appointment, the student and advisor will review program requirements, monitor the student's academic progress and needs, and complete the registration process. 

Program/Advisor Change

Students who wish to make a program of study/major change must notify the Office of Student Services to complete the necessary paperwork and to receive an appropriate advisor assignment. Students who change their program of study/major are required to meet program requirements based on the catalog in effect at the time.