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The Bevill State Adult Education program offers FREE adult literacy, basic skills, GED® preparation and English as a Second Language instruction. Each learner works at his or her own pace and all instructional materials are available at no cost to the learner. Any adult who is at least 16 years of age and not presently enrolled in school may participate in the Adult Education programs.

  • Adult Literacy Instruction/Private Tutors
  • Basic Skills/GED Preparation
  • College Readiness
  • WorkKeys/Career Readiness Certificates
  • GED® Testing through the BSCC Testing Center

Online Adult Education Enrollment

Online GED Study Program

Bevill State offers online learning options for individuals who are not able to take classes in a traditional classroom setting. After students complete the required orientation in a nearby classroom location, they are given access to an instructional website and are taught to communicate with an adult education instructor by email and message board. The program provides instruction and practice comparable to the instruction given in the traditional classroom setting. Individuals who wish to study online for the GED® test must meet specific requirements before enrolling.

The GED is not the end. It's a milestone!

Whether you are interested in attending college or obtaining employment, we can help you meet your goals! Bevill State and the Department of Postsecondary Education will provide one tuition free college course for students who successfully complete the GED® test. Or, students may want to enroll in Ready to Work, a FREE workforce development course designed to prepare students to be highly qualified applicants so that employers can fill their jobs with top candidates.

GED Vouchers

Financial assistance is available to help with the cost of the GED® test for those who attend Adult Education classes. The Department of Postsecondary Education provides vouchers for both the GED® Ready practice tests and the official GED® tests for those who qualify.

Contact Us

For more information about a specific adult education program or for more information on services available through the adult education program, please call toll free 1-800-648-3271 or contact one of the following:

Dr. Stephanie Maddox
800-648-3271 ext. 5705

Dr. Danielle Miles
Fayette & Pickens counties
800-648-3271 ext. 5169

Dr. Terri Johnson
Lamar & Marion counties
800-648-3271 ext. 5363

Ready to Work

Alabama's Ready to Work program provides trainees the entry-level skills required for employment with most businesses and industries in Alabama. We can help you become career ready at Bevill State.

The training curriculum is set to standards cited by business and industry employers throughout the state, and the skills cited in the U.S. Department of Labor's Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Reports.

Ready to Work 
Contact: Sydni Morgan, 1800.648.3271, ext. 5677

Contact: Maurice Ingle, 1800.648.3271, ext. 5940

Developmental Education

The Developmental Education Program is designed to assist students whose placement exam scores indicate the need for a review in one or more academic areas prior to students proceeding into the prescribed course sequences leading to higher level academics. Diagnostic testing and individualized programs of study allow students to progress at rates appropriate for their individual circumstances. The learning environment allows for variety and flexibility in the presentation of course content and offers a gradual transition to the more traditional lecture-style classroom.

It is advised that students who place in one or more developmental courses take that course(s) in their first term of enrollment at the College. Students must meet with the developmental studies advisor before registering for classes for any term in which a developmental class is required. Students who place in one or more developmental courses are strongly encouraged to enroll in

PSY 107 Study Skills for College or BSS 090 Basic Study Skills, to provide further support and opportunities to develop the study skills necessary for academic success. Students who place in two or more developmental level courses may not enroll in more than 12 credit hours.