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Dental Assistant Photo Dental Assistant

Dental Assisting is a great entry into the field of Dentistry and is a unique and rewarding career. You will work alongside dentists and dental hygienists in a dental office. Your role in the office is extremely vital in the flow of the day. Patients rely on the assistant to reassure them by being knowledgeable in their job.

Dental Assistants:

  • Care for patients and prep for dental procedures 
  • Take and expose radiographs associated with dentistry
  • Sterilize treatment rooms, instruments, and other work areas 
  • Keep records correctly and up to date 
  • Take vital signs and assist in medical emergencies 
  • Instruct patients in home care and post-operative instructions
  • Take preliminary impressions for study models and pour stone models

15 Weeks Classes meet: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm- 9:00pm

Location: Jasper Campus

Externship: 16 hours during course of program

Prerequisites: • High School Diploma or GED • $1400 • WIOA approved

Ronda Sherer Henson, CDA, RDH Dental Assisting Instructor

Bonnie Barton, RN, BSN CNA/Dental Assisting Coordinator - 800.648.3271 ext. 5941