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Employee Information

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Employee Handbook (PDF)

Handbook Appendix Forms

A: ADA Accommodations Request Form (PDF)
B: Salary Schedules 2021-2022
C: Notification of Secondary Employment (PDF)
D: Request to Teach by Non-Faculty Employee (PDF)
E: Family Relationship Disclosure Form (PDF)
G: Overtime Work Report (PDF)
H: Faculty Professional Development Form (PDF)
I: Professional Development Form for Staff & Administrators (PDF)
J: Faculty Rank Increase (PDF)
K: Annual Performance Evaluation (PDF)
L: Annual Performance Evaluation for B, C1, C2, C3, E, & H (PDF)
M: Classroom Observation Form (Traditional/IITS) (PDF)
N: Classroom Evaluation Form (Web Based) (PDF)
O: Exit Interview Form (PDF)
P: Extracurricular or Fund Raising Activities Form (PDF)
Q: Liability Release (under 19 years of age) (PDF)
R: Liability Release (over 19 years of age) (PDF)
S: Substantive Change Implementation Checklist (PDF)
T: Request for Leave (PDF)
U: Salary Continuation for Job-Related Injury (PDF)
V: Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form (PDF)
W: Sick Leave Bank Application Loan (PDF)
X: Sick Leave Bank Catastrophic Request (PDF)
Y: Sick Leave Bank Notice Resignation Form (PDF)
Z: Tuition Waiver Form (PDF)
AA: Partial Year Faculty Deferred Compensation Form (PDF)
BB: Vehicle Trip Log (PDF)
CC: Vehicle Trip Sheet (PDF)
DD: Request for Bus Transportation (PDF)
EE: Pretravel Form (PDF)
FF: In State Travel Form.xlsx
GG: Out of State Travel Form.xls
HH: Internet Agreement (PDF)
KK: Request Facility Use (PDF)
LL: Budget Revision Form (PDF)
MM: Check Request (PDF)
NN: Textbook Adoption Proposal (PDF)
OO: Independent Study Request (PDF)
PP: Student Independent Study (PDF)
QQ: Inventory Transfer Form (PDF)
RR: Live Work Order Form (PDF)
SS: Cosmetology/Barbering Work Order (PDF)
TT: Public Relations Request Form (PDF)
UU: Open Records/Data Request Form (PDF)
XX: Agents, Vendors, and Solicitors Policy (PDF)
AAA: Employment Supplement Agreement (PDF)
BBB: Vendor Service Agreement (PDF)
FFF: Actual Expenses Travel Form.xls