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Employee Handbook

Handbook Appendix Forms

A ADA Accommodations Request Form
B Salary Schedules 2019-2020
C Notification of Secondary Employment
D Request to Teach by Non-Faculty Employee
E Family Relationship Disclosure Form
G Overtime Work Report
H Faculty Professional Development Form
I Professional Development Form for Staff & Administrators
J Faulty Rank Increase
K Annual Performance Evaluation
L Annual Performance Evaluation for B, C1, C2, C3, E, & H
M Classroom Observation Form (Traditional/IITS)
N Classroom Evaluation Form (Web Based)
O Exit Interview Form
P Extracurricular or Fund Raising Activities Form
Q Liability Release (under 19 years of age)
R Liability Release (over 19 years of age)
S Substantive Change Implementation Checklist
T Request for Leave
U Salary Continuation for Job-Related Injury
V Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form
W Sick Leave Bank Application Loan
X Sick Leave Bank Catastrophic Request
Y Sick Leave Bank Notice Resignation Form
Z Tuition Waiver Form
AA Partial Year Faculty Deferred Compensation Form
BB Vehicle Trip Log
CC Vehicle Trip Sheet
DD Request for Bus Transportation
EE Pretravel Form
FF In State Travel Form
GG Out of State Travel Form
HH Internet Agreement
KK Request Facility Use
LL Budget Revision Form
MM Check Request
NN Textbook Adoption Proposal
OO Independent Study Request
PP Student Independent Study
QQ Inventory Transfer Form
RR Live Work Order Form
SS Cosmetology/Barbering Work Order
TT Public Relations Request Form
UU Open Records/Data Request Form 
XX Agents, Vendors, and Solicitors Policy
AAA Employment Supplement Agreement
BBB Vendor Service Agreement
FFF  Actual Expenses Travel Form