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Business Office Management & Technology

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Long-term Certificate
  • Short-term Certificate
  • Online Degree

Business and management skills are necessary in every professional setting imaginable; it is a skill that will never be replaced by technology, only enhanced through it. Corporations, entrepreneurs, even non-profits, rely on the good image of their business. More often than not, it falls on administrative personnel to portray a desirable professional image to the public.

No employer can afford to overlook the importance of those who will leave a first impression on clients and colleagues. Office administration professionals can be the face of a company or the working structure behind the scenes that enable the day-to-day flow of business.

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Program Options

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees are offered with a concentration in Accounting, Legal Administrative Assistant, Business Office Management and Medical Administrative Assistant. Long-term certificates are offered with a concentration in Accounting, Legal Administrative Assistant, and Medical Administrative Assistant. Short-term certificates of 26 hours are offered with a concentration in Legal Administrative Assistant and Medical Administrative Assistant.

The curriculum for the Associate in Applied Science degree consists of 24 semester hours of general education course work that will transfer to four-year institutions and 40-43 semester hours of technical business courses. A total of 65-68 semester hours is needed for graduation.

Career Opportunities

The Business Office Management and Technology program at Bevill State Community College offers students a broad foundation of knowledge, experience, and technical skills that can be applied in many types of fields. Students in the program have found specialized positions in sales, marketing, accounting, medical settings, law firms and banks. Because the core skills students develop are portable and applicable in numerous settings, employment opportunities are always available.